8MB is increased to the 16MB extension MEMORY made from ADTEC.

You are responsible for any problem caused by this upgrade. I do not guarantee this upgradeD

This 24MB memory could also correspond by register set program called over20m of Now Showing by Garakuta-en. Thank you for Mr. tkuno

24MB_1 chip is removed from the extension memory board of the correspondence model unknown. chip is "NEC D42S17800LG5-A70"D

24MB_2 It removed.
How to remove ,sucks up excessive solder by solder wick. Between a tip and pin needle is put in, soldering iron is applied and pin is floated.
It is this repetition.

24MB_3 pile up two chips of four chips sheets.(Photograph upper) The tip currently used for 16MB board is "HITACHI 51W17800LTT6."

Samsung KM48V2100C Probably the data sheet of an equivalent article is download.

24MB_4 side view(Photograph upper right)

24MB_5 jump just ~RAS line memory chip 7pin to BGA chip 5pin.
Where it put and turned the memory over and a speaker side is placed to the front, it is 2nd BGA chip from a top.

Delete the 5th from under the right-hand side of the tip currently written to the grade to which silver wiring comes out on the surface.
It may be better to solder from the tip on the left-hand side of a photograph, since between a memory and memories was narrow. When attaching from right-hand side, the pin of RAS which has floated is obstructive and it was hard to give it. It is for having misunderstood the direction to memory attachment 180 degrees that the line of RAS is unnatural management.

I have forgotten to take an intermediate photograph.

24MB_6 It is a whole after image.The cover became somewhat tight by the thickness of a memory.

24MB_7 When starting, I thought that it started by 28MB (4MB of on-board + 24MB of extension). However, it has been recognized as 32MB. It seems that BIOS has not judged the memory correctly. If a setup is seen using DARK2301 (I think that it will be found if it searches by google.), the place of 02 and 03 will be recognized by DBDC. it is reset up by CBCC, and rebooted. It has recognized by 28MB.
With this, since it was inconvenient, the program was created. If 03 is DC, 02 and 03 changed into CB and CC and rebooted.

24MB_8 It is a memory count at the time of starting. It is displayed as 28288KB. Since it is displayed in the amount of loading memories of -384KB, it seems to be right for the time being.

A tip with an actual result (It does not guarantee.)

You are responsible for any problem caused by this upgrade. I do not guarantee this upgradeD

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